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November/December Newsletter

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Importance of Early Childhood

The importance of Social-Emotional Development

Did you know that by combining read-aloud, singing, dancing, and tapping the imagination at every juncture is multi-sensory learning at its best!

Social-emotional competence in a child’s early years is linked to future academic success. A growing body of research shows that teaching and learning across the curriculum areas, particularly the arts, can successfully embed social-emotional lessons.

Something else to think about: “Given the current knowledge base about child development and learning, it is time to discard debates about social-emotional versus cognitive development and which comes first or is more important. Clearly, children develop in both areas over the same period, and learning and development in one influences learning and development in the other.” —Outcomes Framework, Head Start

Getting ready for Kinder

This last month has been so much fun in our class. We are getting to know all of our friends much better and we are learning how to be a good friend to them. We have introduced our red and green choices and reviewing them frequently so that we all remember how to behave in class and how to treat each other. Your children have been making some great gains in class. It makes myself and Ms. Jenna so happy when we see that they are able to write their name on their own or that they are trying to write their name on their own! It is such an improvement from the start of this class. This last month we worked on the letters c, d, and e. We have also been working on counting to 10 and recognizing those numbers.

This coming month we are going to be focusing on the letters f, g, and h. We also will be working more on number recognition up to 10.

Mathtastic and Book Club

Mathtastic and Book Club have been awesome! In Mathtastic, we are focusing on our numbers 1-10, our colors and our identifying shapes all around us. Book Club, we have been identifying our name, and will be learning the letters A-J and the sounds they make. We have been having “Show and Tell,” during Book Club and they love coming to the front of the class and sharing something special they have brought from home that begins with the letter of the week we are learning.

Parent - Tot

It has been a blast watching the toddlers explore our classroom and get comfortable with their surroundings. Our parents are getting time to socialize with other adults while having their children play with children their same age. We have been discussing the different milestones they are at or ones to be looking for.


This month we have been learning about Space, Sun, and Moon. We have been learning about all the different planets in space. We got to hop in our spaceship, and pretend to visit space. While in space, we got to learn about the moon and even create a moon out of white thick gooey paint. We also learned about day and night and the different activities we do in each. The last cool thing we did was that we created our own shadows.

Next month in STEAM, we will be learning about Ice and Snow, and exploring our 5 senses.


The early years are critical to developing a lifelong love of reading. It is never too early to begin reading to your children! Here are some fun ways you can help your child become a happy and confident reader.

  • Read together every day. Read to your child everyday and do it in a warm and comforting place. This will make them enjoy it more!

  • Give everything a name. When you begin naming all the different objects your child sees or is playing with, you are building their vocabulary.

  • Read with fun in your voice. Use different voices and expressions while reading with your child.

  • Know when to stop. If your child is losing interest in the book, then just put it away for a bit, and revisit it when they want to finish it.

  • Be interactive while reading. Discuss with your child what is happening in the book and point out things on the page and ask them questions.

What to look forward to in December

Kindermusik-Tot - Come try our new Early Childhood class – More than singing and playing instruments. This class includes those things, along with opportunities for toddlers to explore new movement and language skills through dance, creative movement, echo songs, and more. Space is limited. Classes held on Tuesdays from 11 to 11:30 am.

December 15 at 10am - Christmas Caroling with Ms. Michelle

  • We all sing carols and enjoy eating cookies afterwards

December 15 at 11am - After caroling, you can come to the STEAM room and build your own gingerbread house.

No School December 19 - 30 - Christmas Break

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