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Pre-K to Kindergarten Transition Book Program

Want FREE books for your preschooler?

Join Pinedale Early Childhood's Transition Book Program, every month we'll give your preschool-aged child a book & send you a video of someone from Pinedale Elementary School reading the book. This will help build your child's excitement and get them familiar with some of the faces they'll see next year when they start kindergarten next year.

This program is for any child, 4 - 5 years old, entering Kindergarten
in the 2024-2025 school year.


Every month a staff member within Pinedale Elementary School (principal, nurse, janitor, kindergarten teacher, and/or secretary, etc) will be recorded reading a book that is relevant to a child's life. The video will be shown at all local Sublette County preschools
and emailed to parents.


Each month every child will receive the book that was read by the elementary staff member. The Early Childhood Community Liaison staff will deliver the books to the preschools and the families that are not a part of a local preschool may pick them up at the Pinedale Elementary School on provided dates and times.


We will start this program in October of 2023 and continue through May of 2024. At the end of the 2023-2024 school year, each child entering Kindergarten will have received 8 books. 


This program is a great way to plan ahead for the Pre-K to Kindergarten by meeting key people that the children and families will see the following year in Kindergarten within Pinedale Elementary School. 

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Copy of  international children's book day - Book for children (Instagram Story) (4.25 × 5
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